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ENTREVISTA EXCLUSIVA MATHEW JONSON! Medellinstyle y The Weed Brothers !!!


– Whats your musical principal inspiration, explain us how do you get into your essence, how do you like to search for inspiration?

Sometimes its life experience, sometimes its deeper and comes from a connection with nature. Intuition and emotion plays a role as well. Writing electronic music can be strange because sometimes it feels very scientific but at the same time you are trying to let go of anylitical thought.

-There is something special in your music, your deep, delicate and organic essence that get the senses and generate a different feeling right, is your music focused more to the dancefloor or for the mind?

Its both I guess. Dancing can be lots of things. It can be a way of meditation to allow your brain time to process information. It can stimulate new ways of thought. It can be as simple as just having fun with your friends. I actually try not to think too much about music even though I’m trying to describe it in interviews all the time.

-Tell us something about marionette, the song completely defined you as Mathew Jonson, why the name, and what is the
story behind it?

Sometimes when I meditate the image of a marionette doll pops up in front of me like a gate keeper between different dimensions. If your breathing peace then it just goes away. Fear is the mind stopper.

-With what type of equipment did u start to play? and how u get into the electronic music? have u felt more as a producer from the beginning?

I started with music as a classical drummer and pianist. Then I discovered electronic music and started composing as I learned about synthesis. Music has always felt quite natural to me.

-What other music genres do u like?

I like all music.

-We read u use all of the 24 mixer channels!! how do u separate and blend the armonies and melodies?

10 channels of separated drums, 8 stereo channels of bass, keys and harmony from the computer, 2 channels for the sh-101 and 4 channels of effects .

-What does your studio look like?

Lots of old analog gear from the 70’s and 80’s, some new stuff and a bunch of effects all around a mix desk.

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